The Trudeau Photos: My Take

October 17, 2019

By Guy Crittenden

While everyone wrings their hands over the (very) politically incorrect and racially insensitive photos of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau putting on black or brown makeup as part of party costumes, from back in his days as a schoolteacher etc, it seems lost on many commentators that there’s an agenda to the timing of their release in the midst of a federal election.

I mean, seriously, these photos have existed since before he won his first election. His backers among the backroom powerful elites would have vetted Trudeau years ago, and these photos would have been known about, most certainly. Many Canadians don’t realize their country is controlled by an oligarchy just as is the United States, of which Canada is a vassal.

I will be voting for my local NDP candidate in this election, because I not only support most of the NDP policies at this time in history but because it’s critical that Canadians support our third national party, which differentiates us from Americans who are stuck with one oligarchic party that comes in two different colours. We’re greatly privileged to have this option. My wife is supporting the Green Party of Canada, which I also think is a good idea.

"The oligarchs decided it was time for Trudeau to go, and are engineering his political demise and likely seek to install Conservative politician Andrew Sheer as their next puppet. I’m not defending these photos or Trudeau, but am simply pointing out the game that’s afoot."

My greatest objection to the shallow latte liberal Trudeau was his failure to honour his explicit election promise to do away with the “first past the post” electoral system and introduce some form of proportional representation (PR). Until that happens, the corporate and other elites that rule us will game the system and subvert democracy at every turn. The release of these kinds of photos that “suddenly appear out of nowhere” will continue, whenever it suits the strategic interests of powerful families, agencies and corporations.

Footnote: It's ironic that Prime Ministerial aspirant Jagmeet Singh — leader of Canada's federal New Democratic Party (NDP) — gets flak from some culturally insensitive people (or outright racists) for wearing an actual Sikh headdress, while the actual Prime Minister has worn a turban on official state visits, as well as in thoughtless black or brown face party costumes. It's all a bit surreal.


Guy Crittenden: 
Environment and business journalist and award-winning book author (The Year of Drinking Magic: Twelve Ceremonies with the Vine of Souls, Apocryphile Press) based in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada and Principal of Crittenden Communication. Contact Guy at